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May 2015 - Newsletter

Hello {{First Name}}, in this issue: Buyers often use their mobile device in of moments of "found time." In line at the grocery store or in the lobby at the dentist office becomes productive time to take a quick peek at emails, newsletters and videos that might not otherwise get prioritized.

Does Your Audience Read Emails On Their Smart Phones?
Do You Deliver Effective Mobile Content?
Do You Provide A Consistent Experience Across All Devices?


Does Your Audience Read Emails On Their Smart Phones?

40% of all marketing emails are read on a mobile device. Yet only 37% of emails are responsive design. Making emails easy to read and interactive increase the odds that they actually get read. Click through rates for marketers that use responsive is 14% higher! If ecommerce is part of your offering, consumers shop and purchase as well.

When designing your email consider integrating elements that make it easier for your audience. Buttons or other call to action elements should be large enough (at least 46px squared) to make it easy for a thumb to activate the click. Don't stack links which makes each one difficult to access.

With phones generally held in one hand and used with the thumb, calls to action buttons should span the width of the email when viewed through a mobile device.

Effective email design will improve the impact and outcome of your campaigns.

Do You Deliver Effective Mobile Content?

Just like your website, effective content attracts mobile users. Making that content relevant includes using words and phrases that resonate with your audience. With mobile, 40% of searches are performed with local intent so it is important to explore key terms more deeply. Using Google Trends can help. Go to the explore tab and enter the search terms you are comparing with the region of interest. For example, consider the terms Direct Mail and Direct Marketing. The results show that if you are targeting customers in Connecticut, the term Direct Mail is used prominently. However, if Nebraska is your preferred geography, Direct Marketing is a better option. Researching and choosing the best term for your geography will improve your results.

Video is another important mobile content consideration. In 2014, mobile video viewing surpassed desktop. In fact, 40% of U.S. digital video watchers did so on smartphones. Useful, interesting content, delivered in both short and long form, will expand your mobile audience.

Develop your content so it's available to consume on the go.

Do You Provide A Consistent Experience Across All Devices?

Mobile devices have changed many elements of the purchasing process. For example, it's common to research an enterprise purchase during one of those "found-time" moments and continue back at the desktop. For this to work for your audience requires a consistent experience across all devices. Responsive design and content benefiting mobile device users allows you to maximize the value of your efforts.

Mobile use is dominated by short bursts of activity throughout the day. What does that look like for your customers? White papers, case studies and infographics are just a few elements you can use to communicate that information. When providing these resources, make sure they are easy to download and read on a 3 - 4 inch screen. In addition, integrating that same content into short videos is another effective solution. 48% of B2B buyers use their smartphone to watch videos.

Developing multiple forms of content that are easy to consume across all devices will increase the impact and value of your work.


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