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Does your website complement your direct sales force? Whether you've prioritized online investments or need improvements, the reality is your website and sales force are closely tied together.

Take this one step to ensure you get the most out of both channels.

P.S. And, learn how one company created unintended consequences by foregoing this critical step.

Keyword Research – The Secret Sauce For Your Sales Team & Your Website

Why did Integrated Print & Graphics get calls from prospects asking about a product they didn't sell?

In today's online world it's surprising when a prospect decides to pick up the phone and call. But, it's down right confusing when you get calls for a product you don't produce. IPG had recently launched a new website that showcased their unique services. But the calls had nothing to do with those capabilities.

Yet, when IPG asked callers why they were inquiring about Continue Reading . . .

John Edmundson
InterEdge Marketing