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First impressions. We're built to size each other up quickly. It's true in person. It's true online. Even if we're presented with lots of evidence to the contrary, we're attached to our initial impressions.

How does the design, structure, content and ease of use of your website influence the perception your audience has about your company?

What Your Website Says About Your Business

Is what your website says about your business what you really want it to say? Have your design, structure and content decisions engaged your audience or caused inaccurate perceptions that lead prospects astray?

Take a closer look and make sure you don't suffer from these misperceptions.

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When you generate leads from your website, an effective lead nurturing program will help you close more business. These statistics tell the story! 

Increase the odds a prospect discovers your capabilities. Expand your audience using these content marketing examples.

Your website influences customers of all shapes and sizes. Learn how it can impact target accounts using an account based marketing program

John Edmundson