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Why do people read B2B content?

It's part science and part emotion. The headline, an effective format and even the graphics have proven to draw a reader into an article. 

But without an emotional link, they quickly move on. If you want to build relationships with readers, your content must fulfill a need, strike a nerve or relate to their every day trials and tribulations. 

And from the comments we received, these articles met both the science and emotion criteria. Read through our three most provacative 2017 posts and let me know what you think. 

The Three Most Provocative Posts Of 2017

What Your Website Says About Your Business

Is what your website says about your business what you really want it to say? Have your design, structure and content decisions engaged your audience or caused inaccurate perceptions that lead prospects astray?

Take a closer look and make sure you don't suffer from these misperceptions. Click here  to read more.

A Funny Thing Happened After Print 17

Trade shows aren't cheap. And neither are other lead generation programs. So why do companies spend the money to generate leads but fail to follow up effectively?

This article details what to do and what not to do when following up on any lead that comes into your organization. Click here to read more. 

When Is Your Best New Hire Not A Sales Person?

Hiring the perfect sales person. Easier said than done. Even the best organizations have horror stories of seemingly good sales hires gone bad.  Selling is tough. Prospects are hard to reach. Competition is fierce. Sales costs add up. So what's the right answer? It may not be a sales person at all.

Click here to get the answer. 

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